3 Designer Tricks to Pick a Perfect Colour for Your Window Blinds

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Homeowners often get overwhelmed while choosing colours for their blinds in Bankstown. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to make your window blinds enhance the look and feel of your home. For instance if you have large windows and you’ve decided to use roller blinds to cover them, use the most dominant colour in the room for them. On the other hand, for smaller window blinds, use their colour as the ascent colour for the room. Let’s have a look at some more tips from experienced designers to choose just the perfect colour for your window treatments.

  1. Analogous and Complementary Colours: You can make use of a ‘colour wheel’ to select a suitable colour scheme for your blinds. Select the colours that lie opposite to each other on the colour wheel for a complementary colour scheme. Complementary colours will help you attain a bolder look for your window blinds. If you want a soothing, harmonious feel to your room, go for analogous colours. Analogous colours lie adjacent to each other on the colour wheel. Some examples of analogous colours are green and blue, green and yellow, and purple and blue.
  1. Neutral Colour Textures and Patterns: When it comes to the most beautifully designed blinds in Bankstown, neutral doesn’t mean bland or boring. With neutral colours such as gray or beige, you can enhance the decor by adding some interesting prints or textures to it. While the colours tend to blend in with other decor elements, textures and prints for your roller blinds will transform them into statement pieces.
  1. Get a Bolder Look with High Contrast Window Blinds Colours: In most interior designs, the thought of having black window blinds is a scary thought. However when it comes to adding drama and character to a room, nothing can match a black accent. If you’ve light coloured walls, black roller blinds will help you achieve a beautiful touch of dark for your room. In blackout blinds, black colour serves an additional purpose of blocking light and providing maximum privacy. To add some more visual interest and depth, pair your blinds with light or dark grey drapery panels.

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Image Source: Paintzen / Flickr