3 Valid Reasons Why You Should Buy Custom Made Blinds?

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Are you planning to give your windows a makeover? If you are already bored with your old curtains and wish to replace them with blinds, why not consider buying custom made blinds. Although, there are many ready-made blinds available online or from home décor shops, custom blinds would be a perfect solution in transforming your windows. Can’t still make a decision now? Well, perhaps after reading these 3 valid reasons, you will end up calling a décor consultant that specialises in all types of blinds and have your window blinds customised.


Reason #1 – Perfect fit

Custom made blinds are carefully measured to match every size and shape of windows. You will never see any gap along the edges of your windows because the blind installer is equipped with measuring tools and skills that will guarantee you a perfect fit on every customised blind you order.


Reason #2 – Freedom on design

Even if there are different types of ready-made blinds sold in the market, having them customised will give you more freedom to choose the design of the blind that will match your windows and home’s interior. When you order customised blinds, you have the luxury to work closely with a blind maker specialist who will pay attention to the details of your windows and recommend suitable designs.


Reason #3 – Cost-effective

Yes, this is one of the reasons why many picky clients still prefer having their blinds custom made because of the bigger savings they will get in the long run. Ready-made blinds are mass produced, so the quality may not be as durable as customised blinds. Custom made blinds are specifically crafted according to the client’s preferences and materials used have passed the highest quality standards, giving you longer years of service as compared to ready-made blinds.


How to locate a credible custom blind producer?

  • You can ask a home décor consultant for references on where you can order customised window blinds.
  • Check directory listing in your area. For example, if you live in Concord, there are listed accredited blind specialists that accept made to order blinds anywhere in Australia and will personally install them.
  • Get referrals from friends, relatives and colleagues from work who already ordered customised blinds.


If you decided to order your custom blinds near Concord, visit Advanced Blinds showroom. They have a wide selection of blinds to suit your distinct taste from Rollers, Venetians to Plantations. You will be amazed how an ordinary window can be styled and transformed into something extraordinary through installation of customised blinds. Call now and book for a home visit consultation to learn more about the appropriate blinds for your home.


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