Venetian Blinds Can be the Best Window Treatment Option for Your Home

  Perhaps you’re aware that Venetian blinds date back to several centuries. Many people have the misconception that these blinds originated in Venice. However, they originated in Persia. Venetian traders obtained these blinds in Persia and brought them back to their lands. Estimates suggest that these blinds emerged in Europe in the 1760s. It didn’t … Continued

What Kinds of Valances Do You Require for Vertical Blinds?

  In many properties across Australia, roller and vertical blinds are quite popular. Vertical blinds denote blinds which you can adjust along a horizontal axis. As such, the term ‘vertical’ typically refers to the vertically hanging slats. In contrast, shutters and mini-blinds feature horizontal slats. Many people use vertical blinds to cover their sliding glass … Continued

Vertical Window Blinds Are Common Choices in Sydney

  When you look at the DIY blinds in Sydney homes use all the time you might spot plenty of horizontal options. But there are also some appealing vertical choices for you to check out. Vertical window blinds are made in a stationary position. With this, you will have a series of slots that are … Continued

Roller Blinds: Fabrics and Endings

  Many people are becoming more and more interested in choosing roller blinds for their living spaces, and for good reasons, too. If you are planning to get some for your homes, here are some things you’ll want to know before you head to a blinds showroom and committing to buying roller blinds.   Which … Continued

Benefits of Made to Measure Curtains

  One of the quickest and easiest ways to improve the appeal and aesthetics of any room is by putting up new curtains or draperies. These window treatments are great when it comes to adding personality and character to living rooms, bedrooms, and even bedrooms. This is also a cost-effective measure to take since this … Continued

Plantation Window Blinds Pros and Cons

  No two homes are alike, with each home having its own distinct styles and each homeowner having their own unique tastes. This is evident in the many design aspects of homes, even in the choice of window blinds and window treatments. Along this line, there are certainly many types of blinds to choose from, … Continued