Buying Guide For First Time Buyers Of Window Blinds

window blinds living room

Is this your first time to consider installing window blinds? If you want to make sure your money isn’t wasted, below is a buying guide for first time buyers who will be shopping around from one home décor store to another.

Check cleaning feature

Window blinds are also prone to dirt and dust accumulation. It’s very crucial that you take into consideration the cleaning feature of different styles of blinds, so that you will know which is easy to clean and maintain. Window blinds made from dust proof materials would be a wise choice. On the other hand, vertical blinds are also advisable because they are made from PVC or fauxwood materials that are easy to clean with the use of damp cloth.

Comply with safety standards

If you have children safety is your topmost concern when buying window blinds regardless you want to install venetian blinds or roller blinds. Why? Most blinds have cord attachments for them to roll up and down easily. There are instances where these cords can get tangled due to improper usage. If you have younger kids who might be tempted to play with these cords, ask for availability of cordless blinds.

Match perfectly with your home interior

Another major concern that you need to look into before ordering your customised blinds at Fairfield is whether you can choose a design that will go along with your home interior and structural design. For example, the blinds that can be installed in your bedroom need to match with the rest of furniture pieces found there. Same goes with the living and kitchen areas, the blinds need to blend well with the existing interior to create a more elegant look.

Pricing counts a lot

Blinds can be a bit expensive, especially if they are made to suit your home’s interior design and windows structure. For example, if the windows at your home come in different sizes and intricate frame structure, expect the prices of custom made blinds to cost more as compared mass produced blinds that you normally see on home décor stores.

Functionality is a must

What’s the main reason of installing blinds for your home? Is it to control the amount of natural light coming in during the day? Or, your intention of putting blinds is create a modern look? When hunting for the ideal blinds, functionality must be considered. If you are talking to a window blind specialist, don’t hesitate to confide your concerns. Remember, there are a wide selection of customised blinds that have special features and you just need to specify clearly what you want your blinds to deliver. If lesser light during the day is your strict requirement, your blind specialist must be properly informed prior the production of your customised blinds.

There are wide range of blinds that you have the privilege to choose from styles, colours, patterns and even the materials. If you want to make sure that your blind selections match your needs and budget, talk to Advanced Blinds customer representative by calling (02) 97574977 or filling our contact form in our contact us page.


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