Choosing Vertical Blinds in Bankstown -Top Factors to Consider

Vertical Blinds


Versatile and practical – vertical blinds are probably the best choice for large and curvy bay windows. Vertical blinds basically consist of vertically hanging slates that you can easily adjust with a horizontal access. This is in sharp contrast to traditional window treatments such as mini window blinds and shutters that have horizontal slates. Available in a variety of colours, textures and styles, Vertical blinds are the best solution for sliding glass doors. Because of their unique yet simple design and functionality, they can be moved from side to side which makes them perfect for very large widows.


Vertical Window Blinds: What Makes Them Perfect For Uniquely Shaped Windows?

There are so many situations where traditional flat and horizontal blinds are simply ineffective such as bay windows, curved and uniquely shaped windows. In these situations, installing vertical blinds in Bankstown is an affordable and effective solution. Moreover, when you shop at a trusted retailer, such as Advanced blinds, in Sydney you can get window blinds in a huge range of options. So, depending on your needs such as how much privacy and light you need in your rooms, you can select the suitable coverings.

Like other window blinds, you can fully draw vertical blinds to one side to allow maximum light enter into your room or you can tilt the slates to get the desired privacy and amount of light. Vertical blinds are very easy to operate. They usually require a simple push or pull of the cord and you can adjust slates in any way you want.


Fabric and PVC Vertical Blinds

When choosing vertical blinds for your home, fabric and PVC blinds can provides you an excellent control over light and privacy. They are also less noisy than wooden, metal and other traditional window blinds.


Vertical Blinds with Fabric Vanes

Vertical blinds with fabric vanes are available in a range of textures, compositions and styles. You can choose from a variety of opaque and light permeable designs. They are great for adding an elegant touch to your interiors.

People looking for allowing maximum light into their rooms usually opt for wider blades because when opened, fewer blades are always better for letting maximum light in. Secondly, when pulled to the side, they take up much less space.

To sum it up – you can get vertical blinds in range of sizes that can’t be found in horizontal window blinds. This makes them perfect for large windows and sliding glass doors. Available in PVC and fabric vanes, vertical blinds are perfect for both formal and casual decor.  For more information and to buy from the widest selection of blinds near Bankstown, visit Advanced Blinds today!



Image Source: Urbane Apartments / Flickr