Don’t Wait for Your Window Blinds to Become Shabby Before You Replace Them

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Oftentimes, people purchase things and expect them to last forever. This is especially so for things pertaining to their homes. For instance, when you paint a house, you will likely want the paint to look as fresh as possible for several years. Some people don’t bother applying a fresh coat of paint even months (if not years) after the original paintwork starts peeling and cracking. This also applies to window blinds and curtains.


How Can You Tell that it’s Time to Replace Your Window Blinds?

Many homeowners take good care of their blinds and curtains. Despite this, wear and tear issues will arise with the passage of time. Discerning homeowners will realise that they need to replace their window coverings as soon as possible. Otherwise, these items will start looking unseemly and will detract from the overall look of the house. Ideally, it is best to replace your Roman or vertical blinds every seven to eight years.

Consider purchasing new blinds in case:

  • The existing blinds don’t meet your current needs concerning privacy levels, minimal glare, temperature control etc.
  • Your blinds are misshapen or warped
  • You find it hard to raise or lift your blinds (because of damage to the lifting mechanism in the blind)
  • The cords in your blinds are frayed
  • The slats in the blinds appear yellowish or discoloured
  • You come across frayed edges on the fabric shades of your roller or Roman shades and,
  • You find that the slats on your blinds don’t close as tightly and compactly as they used to


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