Fit Your Roller Blinds Perfectly to Make Your Windows Look the Best

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X-mas and New Year sales are among the best times to purchase all kinds of things. As people head into the holiday season, they start focusing on making their homes as attractive as possible. Thus, this is the best time to give your windows the makeover they sorely need. You can easily accomplish this by purchasing new roller blinds. These blinds are attractive to look at. Moreover, they make good practical covers for your windows too.


How to Fit Roller Blinds in Your Windows

Roller blinds typically come in an array of fabrics, styles and designs. As such, you will easily be able to find the blinds that complement your interior décor the best. For fitting your blinds perfectly:

  • Select an inside mount of the window frame or within the window recess (or an external mount) for attaching the blind to the wall above the window
  • Measure the width and the depth of the window frame or recess (for internal mounts) or measure the distance between two points on either side of the window on the surrounding walls (for external mounts)
  • Select the window blind size that corresponds the best to your measurements
  • Mark the correct position for the blind’s mounting brackets by holding the roller blind straight at the top of the window
  • Mark the correct position for the bracket screw holes after placing each blind mounting bracket in the space marked
  • Drill holes at the appropriate spots and screw the blind mounting brackets with a screwdriver
  • Snap the plastic inserts into the socket on each mounting bracket and push them until they click into place
  • Place the pins on the ends of the blind into the plastic inserts so that they snap into place and,
  • Check whether the roller blind unrolls and rolls up properly


Are You Looking for the Best Blinds in Liverpool?

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Image Source: iBrand Company / Flickr