How Made to Measure Curtains Are Customized

made to measure curtains


There are many things that can be done to your made to measure curtains to make them stand out and fit well for your property. Check on how such custom made blinds can be prepared with one of various great arrangements that will fit in well within your property.


Check the Size

Many curtains are designed in a variety of sizes. Your made to measure curtains should be measured based on the sizes of the windows you are looking to cover as well as a few spaces around those windows. The general goal is to create a set of curtains or window blinds that cover enough space without producing any open spots.


How Is the Pattern?

A pattern or colour should be chosen based on what fits in well within your home. A great design should come with a nice look that goes alongside your flooring materials, your walls and any pieces of furniture in a spot. The general goal is to create a look that does not clash with anything and adds a better total look.


How Thick Is the Setup?

Great curtains or blinds can come in many thickness levels. Some of them are several millimeters thick to where it is harder for light to get into a space. Sometimes an opaque setup may be best if you are in a spot where it might be easy for people to peek into your home from the outside. The design of the blinds should be organized with a good look that creates an appealing arrangement that fits in well with anything you want to utilize.


Don’t Forget the Base

The base should also be reviewed as you get a custom setup ready. Sometimes a motorized base may be used to conveniently move your window treatment in and out without any wires or poles added. In other cases a design might allow the curtains to move up or down instead of just in and out.

Look at how well your curtains can be prepared in your property. Made to measure curtains are great to add for how they are easy to adjust in various forms. But do make certain that anything you order fits in perfectly within your space.

If you’re looking for custom made blinds or made to measure curtains for your window coverings, get in touch with us at Advanced Blinds. We will gladly help and advise you on which would be the best option for your home.


Image Source: Pixabay