How to Beautify Your Vertical Blinds with Various Blinds Accessories

Vertical Blinds


Dozens of homeowners in Sydney and other cities use blinds for embellishing their windows. In particular, vertical blinds are not merely a cost effective investment for decorating your windows. As long as you look after them well, these blinds can enhance the aesthetic appeal of each room they are in. Vertical blinds are ideal for homes that feature large windows and sliding glass doors. By themselves, they are complete in all respects. But, you could combine them with various accessories to enhance the beauty of your blinds.

What Blinds Accessories Could You Consider Using for Beautifying Your Vertical Blinds?

Interior designers usually have a myriad of options with which homeowners can enhance the appeal of their vertical blinds. However, it’s best to avoid going overboard when selecting blinds accessories. Otherwise, your windows could end up with a cluttered look. Some of the blinds accessories you could consider include:

  • Cornices: These refer to covered board usually affixed across the windows. These conceal the upper mechanisms of the blinds. Hence, they offer a more seamless and refined look. You could customise these with trim and patterned fabrics for suiting your home décor perfectly.
  • Valances: Similar to cornices, these conceal the upper mechanisms in all blinds. Unlike cornices, installers reinforce valances with gathered fabric instead of boards. This gathered fabric could come in various designs. For instance, installers use stiffened and shaped fabric for creating the pelmet valance.
  • Drapes: Drapes help in softening the look of the vertical blinds. In addition, they help in softening the light that enters indoors too. From sheer, lightweight fabrics to thicker ones, these can enhance the look of the room easily.

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Picture Credit: Flickr