Plantation Window Blinds Pros and Cons

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No two homes are alike, with each home having its own distinct styles and each homeowner having their own unique tastes. This is evident in the many design aspects of homes, even in the choice of window blinds and window treatments. Along this line, there are certainly many types of blinds to choose from, and one of the most popular choices is often plantation window blinds. There are many reasons why you should choose to use plantation blinds for your home, but it should be noted that they also have different drawbacks.


Advantages of Plantation Window Blinds

One of the biggest advantages of plantation blinds is that they can be customised to suit the homeowners’ preferences. Many manufacturers and blinds showroom should be more than capable of creating and helping you find the right plantation blinds that will fit perfectly with your windows. This makes sure that your window treatments are well within the exact requirements of your desires.

In addition, plantation window blinds offer complete functionality, allowing light to filter in to the rooms easily making it brighter and thus the need for lesser electrical lighting, which in turn should help you save on your electricity bills. Those who are looking for blinds in Auburn should definitely take advantage of plantation blinds to help them enjoy the bright and warm sun more. Despite this, plantation blinds can still be closed completely to protect furniture or artwork from too much exposure to the sun which can cause them to fade.

Lastly, having plantation window blinds installed in your home can actually help to increase its market value, should you ever decide to sell your home. This is mostly because of their aesthetic appeal, but also in part because they can become permanent components of a home.


Disadvantages of Plantation Window Blinds

Perhaps one of the notable drawbacks when it comes to using plantation blinds is their cost. Those who are looking for blinds in Auburn usually find that plantation blinds need to be custom made, and if you are asking a reputable manufacturer to make one for you using high quality materials, then you should expect to spend a significant amount of money. Still, you should remember that like with any other purchase, you get what you pay for, and thinking it through will help you realise that with plantation window blinds, every dollar is dollar well-spent.

Maintenance is another issue that most homeowners have to deal with when it comes to plantation blinds, although this shouldn’t actually be an issue since all window blinds require regular cleaning and maintenance anyway. The only thing you need to do—aside from cleaning—is to tighten the louvres, something which is very easy to do as long as you know how to work a Philip’s screwdriver.

If you are looking for plantation blinds or any type of window blinds for that matter, please feel free to drop by our blinds showroom today. We have a wide assortment of blinds and window treatment that will more than satisfy your needs and wants.


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