Tips for Cleaning Your Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds


Keeping their homes looking spic and span is something that occupies the minds of many homeowners. This does not apply only to the furniture, the walls and the other objects in the house. It applies to the blinds on the windows of your house as well. Whether you use roller blinds or vertical blinds, you’ll need to clean them regularly. This would ensure that they keep your windows looking good and attractive. Dirty or shabby blinds could well detract from the overall appearance of your house.


How to Keep Your Roller Blinds Clean

Many people consider roller blinds to be among the most elegant window dressings available at present. Several homes across Sydney use curtains in their windows. But, roller blinds can be more than effective substitutes for curtains too. When you visit any blinds showroom, you’ll find that roller blinds often come in white, tan or cream colours. As such, the steady accumulation of dust on these blinds could well become all too noticeable. In this scenario, it’s best to clean them to make them look as good as new.

For cleaning the blinds:

  • Fill the bathtub or kitchen sink with lukewarm water after removing the blinds
  • Add a colour-safe bleach along with some laundry detergent to the water
  • Soak the blinds in the water for a few hours
  • Use toothbrushes for scrubbing any areas of the blinds that appear excessively dirty
  • Drain the water and repeat the entire process until you feel that the blinds are completely clean and,
  • Hang the blinds to dry and attach them to the rollers thereafter


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Photo Credit: Flickr