Tips for Hanging Vertical Blinds Effectively

Vertical Blinds


Blinds are easily one of the most popular window treatments that numerous people purchase in Australia. Blinds make it easy for homeowners to enhance the privacy of any space in their homes. Blinds offer better levels of insulation too. As such, they can make an effective contribution towards making your home energy efficient. In vertical blinds, the slats run up and down. These blinds are ideal in case you have large glass windows and sliding doors.


How to Hang Your Vertical Blinds

To hang your vertical blinds properly:

  • Use a tape measure to measure the upper dimension of your window
  • Add ¼ of an inch to this because this is where you will place the top screw
  • Place the installation bracket about three to four inches from each end of the head rail on the wall and screw the bracket in
  • Similarly, install the additional brackets across the handrail after spacing them properly and securing the screws obtained from the local blinds showroom
  • Centre the head rail to the mounting clips and insert the front lip into the grove placed at the front of the clips
  • Turn the back of the head rail until it clicks into the back of the clip and repeat this for each clip
  • Attach the tension pulley to the bottom of the baseboard
  • Put the loop of the vertical cord through the top of this pulley and pull the cord until the pulley becomes tight, before marking this spot with a pencil
  • Release the cord and tie a knot at the marked spot and,
  • Put the loop back in the pulley and open/close the blinds


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Image Source: Urbane Apartments / Flickr