Top Tips to Buy and Maintain Your Vertical Blinds in Sydney

vertical blinds


If you’re looking for new window blinds in Sydney, the sheer number of options available at any good blinds showroom can be quite overwhelming for you. Due to a large number of choices, ranging from vertical blinds to roller blinds, available nowadays, it can be difficult to select a perfect set of blinds for your home. No doubt, your new window coverings should be capable of providing you light control and privacy, but additional qualities you should look for in your new window treatments are style and uniqueness.

Advanced Blinds, the most trusted blinds showroom in Sydney, offers endless style and design possibilities to the customers with a huge selection of window blinds to choose from. Let’s have a look at a few simple tips if you’re interested in having vertical blinds in your home.

Choosing the right vertical blinds: At a reputable blinds showroom in Sydney, such as Advanced Blinds, vertical blinds are usually available in vinyl or fabrics which are great yet very affordable choices to add style and elegance to any room. However, make sure to consider the overall decor to attain remarkable results. Vertical blinds are better option than horizontal blinds in many cases, such as for floor-to-ceiling windows. These blinds can be easily installed in living rooms and dining rooms. You can also choose from a variety of opening mechanisms in vertical blinds.

Cleaning your vertical blinds- Since they come in floor-to-ceiling sizes, they are somewhat more difficult to clean than other options. Let’s have a look at some cleaning tips so that you can keep your vertical blinds in tip-top condition for years to come.

  • For deep cleaning, use a soft cloth and some soapy water to remove stains and dirty spots.
  • Make sure to vacuum or dust both sides of your vertical blinds on regular basis.
  • In case of vinyl window blinds, use a towel to remove spills and then wash each side with soapy water from top to bottom. Rinse the surface thoroughly and use a soft cloth to wipe it dry.

Considering these tips while buying and cleaning your vertical blinds in Auburn, or anywhere else for that matter, will keep them sparkling clean and resilient. But if your windows blinds have already worn out, and it’s too late to save them now, get in touch with Advanced Blinds today to choose from the widest range of window coverings in Sydney.



Image Source: Pixabay