Venetian Blinds Can be the Best Window Treatment Option for Your Home

Venetian blinds


Perhaps you’re aware that Venetian blinds date back to several centuries. Many people have the misconception that these blinds originated in Venice. However, they originated in Persia. Venetian traders obtained these blinds in Persia and brought them back to their lands. Estimates suggest that these blinds emerged in Europe in the 1760s. It didn’t take them very long to capture the attention of people across the continent. Even though they are perhaps the oldest varieties of blinds, these blinds have stood the test of time. It goes without saying that these blinds can make elegant and functional window coverings in your home.


What Makes Many Australian Homeowners Opt for Installing Venetian Blinds in their Homes?

Traditionally, manufacturers produced wooden Venetian blinds. Faux wood and aluminium Venetian blinds are popular because they are lightweight. As opposed to wooden blinds, they are more affordable too. But, if you live in areas that experience high levels of humidity, faux wood and aluminium Venetians can be ideal. This is because they will not warp as genuine wooden Venetians inevitably will.

Despite this, many suppliers of custom made blinds attest to the increasing levels of popularity of wooden Venetian blinds. This is because these blinds offer tighter closures. As such, light will not leak through the top, bottom or between the slats. Painting blinds having neutral tones is easy too. As such, you will easily be able to get your blinds supplier to paint your Venetians to a shade that complements your interior décor. These blinds come with compliant cords as well. So, you won’t need to worry about pets getting entangled in the cords. The immense range of options in Venetians can enable you to find one that suits your tastes perfectly.


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