Vertical Window Blinds Are Common Choices in Sydney

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When you look at the DIY blinds in Sydney homes use all the time you might spot plenty of horizontal options. But there are also some appealing vertical choices for you to check out.

Vertical window blinds are made in a stationary position. With this, you will have a series of slots that are organized around a large track. You can open these blinds to let in light or you can close them. Depending on the model, you may also be able to move the slots in and out like what you’d get out of a traditional curtain set. This adds a classy touch to any room.


What Makes Them Special?

Vertical window blinds are different from traditional window curtains and other common window treatments. Just look at them in a blinds showroom and you will notice a series of key points:

  • When closed, vertical blinds offer a series of lines. This is designed to give off a traditional appearance with a strong attention to detail.
  • The individual slots on your vertical blinds are also thin. These are often applied underneath curtains to add some extra class to a room. Such blinds also offer a softer look into any room.
  • These are also rather easy to clean off. The individual bars on your blind set will come with much larger surface bodies to help you get them cleaned off with ease.


What Can They Be Made Of?

Vertical blinds are often made with fabric materials as they are much easier to display and support. Vinyl can also be used as it is capable of taking in the sun’s rays without many problems. It can also come in many colours and be cleaned off quickly. You’d have to watch for how you do that though as you don’t want to scratch a surface far too much.

You will be surprised at how well vertical blinds can work when aiming to find the best window blinds in your home. Look around your windows to see how these may be applied in your DIY blinds Sydney project so you will get the most out of your general plan.


Image Source: Urbane Apartments / Flickr