What Are Venetian Blinds And Why They Are Perfect For Your Home?

venetian blinds


Your choice of window blinds can drastically affect the way your room looks and feels. Choosing the right blinds in Blacktown can infuse a new life into even a dull and ordinary room. However, there’s such a huge variety of window blinds available in Australia today that sometimes it becomes challenging to pick the right blinds, especially if you’re an inexperienced buyer.

At Advanced Blinds, we know what it takes to choose the perfect window treatments for any type of requirements. That’s why we make sure to educate our visitors about the latest and proven window treatment ideas. If you’re looking for a foolproof window treatment idea, just go for venetian blinds without any second thoughts. These stunning window blinds have been around for centuries and have never failed to impart an elegant and classic look to any room.


What Exactly Are Venetian Blinds?

Venetian blinds can be made of plastic, wood or aluminium and they generally have 2 inch horizontal slates. These slates are controlled by a chord and they can be made to rotate 180 degrees in unison. Between extreme positions of slates where their inner edges are completely upwards or downwards, they can be adjusted at any angle. This simple functionality enables user to allow the desired amount of light to enter the room.

Today, you can find venetian blinds in a number of advanced lift options such as cordless for child safety or with motorized operation.


What makes venetian blinds a great option for your home?

If you’re looking for durable and timeless window treatments, you can never go wrong with venetian blinds. At Advanced Blinds, you’ll find an excellent selection of venetian blinds – all available at very affordable prices.

If you already have window blinds installed in your home, but you want to enhance the functionality, views or efficiency with other options, we can surely help. Just visit Advanced Blinds and browse through the most extensive selection of blinds near Blacktown for inspiration. If you’re ready to fall in love with your windows again, get in touch with us today!



Image Source: Mendhak / Flickr