What Kinds of Valances Do You Require for Vertical Blinds?

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In many properties across Australia, roller and vertical blinds are quite popular. Vertical blinds denote blinds which you can adjust along a horizontal axis. As such, the term ‘vertical’ typically refers to the vertically hanging slats. In contrast, shutters and mini-blinds feature horizontal slats. Many people use vertical blinds to cover their sliding glass doors or large windows. This is because the slats in these blinds hang from a single point. Hence, adjusting these blinds from one side to the other is quite easy.


An Overview of the Valances Used with Vertical Blinds

Manufacturers usually make valances from fabric and stained or painted wood. Blinds installers will fasten these valances to the vertical blind headrail with valance clips. They will usually consider two kinds of valances for vertical blinds. These include:

  • Channel Panel Valances: These feature a single slat valance that covers the headrail as a fascia. These valances do not have any top or cover. They feature side returns attached with corner clips. The channel panel typically features a base channel with a groove where the installer of blinds in Sydney and other places will typically slide a piece of the slat. This provides a consistent look. It ties the entire blind together too.
  • Dust Cover Valances: These valances cover the headrail as a fascia. But, they come with tops that cover the headrail too. They feature side returns as well, which installer attach with corner clips. In some cases, these valances might have a rounded corner side return. In this scenario, the installers will integrate the return with the slat they have inserted in the channel. This makes the blind look sleek and uniform.


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