What Types of Window Blinds Can Your Sydney Home Feature?

window blinds

There are numerous kinds of blinds that you could add over any window in your Sydney home. Let’s look at a few of the more prominent choices that you have to work with.


Verticals are among the more popular window blinds you could get. These work with vertical slats in lieu of the traditional horizontal ones. They can part in the middle or can go from one side to the other depending on what you prefer to use.


Pleated blinds are made with one large body instead of a series of slats. The pleated layout uses a series of bends that connect with each other to create one large sheet that can move up or down. It is a popular choice but many pleated options come with thinner materials. This is where a Roman blind set can come in handy.


A Roman blind set is somewhat like a pleated set except that a Roman option comes with a thicker cloth surface. It still produces the same accordion-like folds that you would expect out of a pleated set but with a more refined and classier look.

Roller or Solar

Roller shades, or solar shades as they may be called, are made to roll outward from a base. These typically come with thicker bodies and can block out the sun’s rays quite well.


Wooden blinds are designed with high-end needs in mind. Wooden blinds are often more luxurious for how they come with more natural appearances. They can be stained in any tone you see fit although darker tones tend to be more attractive. You also have the option to use faux wood materials that add a classic look to your spot.


Aluminum shades are always nice to add for how they offer a metallic look while still being light in weight and easy to maintain. Aluminum also does well with blocking out the sun’s rays.

All of these choices for DIY blinds Sydney are good to look into. Contact us at our showroom to see what might fit in perfectly in your home.


Image Source: Pixabay