Why Choose UV-protective Window Blinds

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Window blinds are primarily used to enhance the privacy of your property, but because they are now manufactured in a myriad of styles and designs, they also help to enhance the aesthetic value and appeal of the homes they are installed in. Some suppliers will even consult with you and discuss the available options so you can have window blinds that suit your tastes and budget, sort of like DIY blinds in Sydney.

However, blinds have evolved over the years, and nowadays they serve several other purposes like providing protection from the sun’s harmful ultra violet rays. This is true in the case of UV-protective window blinds.

It’s always a lovely sight, the warm glow of sunlight streaming through windows and doors. However, it should be noted that as beautiful as it is, the sun’s rays also carries damaging UV rays and these can cause damage to your home’s interiors and the furnishings therein.

In the same way that sunscreen protects people from UV rays, window blinds can also be treated so it prevents the entry of UV rays through them. In general, an excellent quality window blind is capable of reducing the amount of UV rays entering through windows by about 75%. By installing such blinds over double-glazed windows, the protection levels can increase by as much as 90%.

By using window blinds that have been treated for UV protection, you can now protect your favourite Cherrywood coffee and your leather couch from the sun’s UV rays which can cause them to experience structural damage or colour fading. The same is true for your wood floors and your carpets which can experience severe discolouration the more exposed they are. Are you an avid art collector? Then you should know that the paintings hanging on your walls can also be damaged if they are exposed directly to sunlight. Any furnishing or furniture or other valuable pieces that you have in your home is in danger of damage from the sun, and you can reduce the chances of this happening by installing UV-protective window blinds.

Aside from offering protection from the UV rays of the sun, these kinds of window blinds can also help improve insulation in your home and help it become more energy-efficient. By managing the amount of sunlight entering your home, window blinds can help to control the temperature and keep it cooler and more comfortable during those hot summer months. There are also window blinds that can be installed outside the house, specifically in the porch or the patio and makes a truly wonderful shade.


Protect Your Property and Its valuables from the Sun’s Harmful UV Rays

Think about just how much money and time you’ve invested in your home and your valuables. Think about the memories attached to them. Wouldn’t you want to keep them for as long as possible? Well, you can with the help of UV-protective window blinds. To learn more about our range of UV-protective blinds, or if you are looking for blinds in Campbelltown, please feel free to get in touch with us at (02) 9757 4977.



Image Source: Paintzen / Flickr