Why Custom Made Blinds Can Be the Ideal Window Coverings

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The right window coverings can do wonders to your home interiors. In recent times, window blinds have fast emerged as the best window treatment option. Suppliers will typically offer a wide range of blinds for you to choose from. But, you’ll need to ensure that the blinds fit your windows perfectly. Otherwise, the results could well be counterproductive. To minimise these hassles, many homeowners have begun installing custom made blinds.


Why Are Custom Made Blinds a Worthwhile Investment?

Choosing between custom-made and readymade blinds can be quite difficult. The former can be ideal if your house features many non-standard size windows. In addition, custom-made blinds enable you to tailor your blinds to suit your specific tastes and requirements. It is worth mentioning that custom-made blind will be high-quality products. This is because they will feature superior quality materials and workmanship.

In contrast, readymade blinds will usually be cheaper than their custom-made counterparts. This is because they will typically feature poorer quality materials. Manufacturers produce these blinds by the dozens. Thus, using cheaper materials helps in keeping costs low.

Installing readymade blinds will be simple. People who follow the ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) approach will be able to install these blinds with minimal fuss. Others might need to consider hiring professionals for installing these blinds. Suppliers will usually include the installation expenses in the price they quote for custom-made blinds.

Sometimes, sourcing parts for readymade blinds can be difficult. Hence, replacing these blinds when they break or sustain damage can be tough. In contrast, custom-made blinds will usually meet all the prescribed Australian standards for fire, safety and fabric. Because the manufacturers will usually be a local outfit, replacing damaged blinds will not present any challenge.


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Image Source: carea cindy / Flickr