Why Window Blinds Are Better Than Curtains For Home Makeover?

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Are you too excited for your upcoming home makeover? Have you carefully listed the different parts of your home needing transformation? If you are throwing away your old curtains and planning to buy replacements, give it a second thought. Why? Your windows might need a modern look and buying new curtains might not deliver this desired outcome. Your best option is have custom made blinds installed on all your windows. Besides, blinds are not just for offices, there are many advantages of choosing window blinds over curtains.


Blinds make every room brighter

With window blinds, you have complete control on the amount of natural light that can stay in any room of the house. All you have to do is tilt the blades to an angle where the morning sun can pass through easily. For screen roller types of blinds, you can just let the exact amount of light to come into a room during daytime and completely draw them down for privacy at night. With curtains, you are left with one option, fully open or closed. Blinds aren’t only ideal for blocking out the glaring rays of the sun during summer, but they could provide tighter seal on windows during colder months.


Blinds are easy to clean

It’s a fact that curtains left hanging on windows for ages can accumulate so much dust and dirt. You will be compelled to wash and change curtains on a regular basis, which could be tiring when you have too many errands. With blinds, you just need a damp cloth or your handy feather duster to wipe the dust. And, if you are feeling less energetic, you can rely on your vacuum cleaner to this job for you. Washing curtains repeatedly will fade its original color whereas blinds will look as if they are newly installed after dusting or vacuuming.


Blinds are very durable

Custom made window blinds are made from top quality wood or metal materials and mounting (shutters), making them very durable as compared to curtains. Curtains regardless of the fabric materials used will not give you longer years of service because they are prone to wear and tear when washed and get easily stained.


Blinds are not expensive

If you will compute the amount of money you will invest on buying curtains, you will be spending more on them than on custom made blinds. Imagine when your curtains have been accidentally ripped off due to your child’s persistent pulling, you will need to buy a new set of curtains. With blinds being durable and professionally mounted, you have peace of mind that they can last a lifetime if maintained properly.


Blinds are very versatile

Blinds are very versatile because you have many styles to choose from roller, vertical to the most elegant plantation blinds. The materials used for blinds may go from metal, wood or fabric depending on a client’s preferences. You can even choose a unique design or pattern that will match your entire home’s interior.


Blinds illuminate more space

Blinds can help you achieve the minimalist look because they can be installed close to the windows and doors, making any room of your house appear spacious. With curtains, especially those made from heavy fabrics when hanged on a small space room will appear tighter.


There you have it the advantages of window blinds over curtains. In the event you wish to know more about the variety of blinds available and pricing, contact now Advancedblinds and avail their free consultation or you may visit their showroom in Wetherill Park.


Image Source: Tomtom Suites / Flickr