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Simple and Stylish

Roller blinds give your home a clean, modern appearance. At the same time, they are one of the most practical solutions for managing light, heat, cold and privacy.

They are especially useful in you don’t have much space. Unlike curtains, they take up almost no room, so they are perfect for your busy kitchen or bathroom.

Our fabrics are available for all companion products. Most fabrics are soil and stain-resistant and can simply be wiped clean. Options are available for wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

Double Roller Blinds
Get the best of both worlds, by combining a blockout blind on the outside with a sheer or translucent blind on the inside. You can pull the blockout blind down whenever you need maximum privacy and UV protection, and leave it up when you don’t.

The sheer/translucent blind gives you soft, diffused light during the day, and privacy at night, without impeding the cool summer breeze.

  • Kitchen with roller blinds
  • Bedroom with roller blinds
  • Living room with chair and roller blinds
  • Living room with roller blinds
  • Roller blind in living room
  • Roller blind in dining room
  • Double roller blind product
  • Double roller blind product

We offer an extensive colour range to harmonise with all decor and architectural designs. Please visit our Showroom to see what’s available.

SUNSCREEN: Control heat and light without losing your view, and increase night-time privacy by layering with blockout fabrics

TRANSLUCENT: Use translucent fabrics to filter out the sunlight whilst maintaining day and night time privacy. Translucent fabrics do not allow a view through but brind textures and patterns to light.

BLOCKOUT: When privacy is your goal, blockout fabrics are the answer. Night or day, they will keep prying eyes out, and they will also help you insulate your room

Roller blinds are suitable for manual chain control operation or motorised with switch or remote control.

A tensioning device is installed with all chain controls to ensure your child’s safety.

Clean dirty marks with a sponge soaked in luke warm water and mild detergent.

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