roman BLINDS

Keep it Casual

The casual simplicity of Roman blinds allows them to fit into any setting, making them one of our most popular products. More detailed than a roller blind, they gather softly as the blind is opened. An understated style that’s reinforced by the soft linens and cottons they’re often made from.

Alternatively, Roman blinds can be combined with other blind styles, such as Roller blinds, to create a more tailored, layered, warmer look. Available in light-filtering or blockout fabrics with different batten applications, these shades can capture and complement any intended style. Choose from extruded aluminium battens for that traditional Roman look or feature stylish ‘timber battens’ in woodgrain or painted finishes.

Ideal solution for a genuinely cosy, layered look. Light and easy to operate. Customise with chain control for larger blinds.

  • Living area with roman blinds
  • Living room with roller blinds
  • Living room with roman blinds
  • Living room with roman blinds

A wide range of fabrics are available, please visit our Showroom to see what is available.

SUNSCREEN: Control heat and light without losing your view, and increase night-time privacy by layering with blockout fabrics

TRANSLUCENT: Use translucent fabrics to filter out the sunlight whilst maintaining day and night time privacy. Translucent fabrics do not allow a view through but brind textures and patterns to light.

BLOCKOUT: When privacy is your goal, blockout fabrics are the answer. Night or day, they will keep prying eyes out, and they will also help you insulate your room

Operating options include the traditional corded system tied off to a cleat; the ‘cord lock’ system or a continuous chain drive system which removes the cords.

Remove most smudges and stains by sponging gently with a solution of mild detergent and warm water.

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